Currently, I feel like there's a diffuse lack of interesting games in the Android Market. I feel like I want to spend money on it, but I can't. This is more a consumer opinion than a developer one, though.

While the iPhone App Store releases games like Dead Space, Death Smiles or EspGaluda, Android Market still propose the same games from months. Developers still see the Android Market as a minor opportunity, opposed to the App Store which currently is one of the best showcases for your games.

Surely, there's a lot of cool games, like The impossible Game (and its DLC), Game Dev Story and the Zenonia series, but it's not enough. Also, they're all available on the iPhone too.

Kairosoft released a lot of interesting Sim games, like Grand Prix Story and Hot Springs Story, but in my opinions they all lack that feeling Game Dev Story had.

Yoyo Games made Game Maker capable of deploying games to Android, and released on the store some of their major hits, like Karoshi and They need to be fed.

Also Unity is capable of deploying to Android, another good point for future growth.

There's also some interesting casual games, like Abduction, UNO, and of course Angry Birds, along with all its other versions like Rio and Seasons. If you like Poker, Zynga Poker seems to be good, with connectivity with the Facebook version and tournaments. In the genre of Card Games you can also find UNO, with multiplayer wi-fi mode.

I really enjoyed Turbo Fly 3D, a wipeout-like game, with constant updates including new races and features.

EA made Need for Speed Shift for Android, then they dropped and published the other chapter of the series only for iPhone. It's not a very good sign, indeed.

I haven't had the opportunity to try it yet, but Symphony of Eternity seems a very good JRPG. Not that I like JRPG very much, in reality I hate them, but it's produced by Kemco, so it is a good sign of the Market growth.

Now that the Android user base has increased dramatically, I hope more developers will be interested on porting their game on it.