Hi there!

I'm happy to show you, for the first time, the game I've worked on for the last two months, Sealers, a project from Studio Drowtales.

Sealers is a Tower-Defense game set in the DrowTales universe.

I'm working on it as a contractor for DrowTales Studio.

Here's some screenshots:

And here's an overview of the game team:

The game will be available at the end of October.

Also, if you're not too far from Norwalk, CT, make sure to visit Webcomiccon. A playable demo of the game will be on display with a 42″ screen to show Sealers in its full resolution. Two levels only for the demo.

If you’re in Quebec and Connecticut is too far for you, the demo will be playable also at Cape and Kimono this week end.