Hello! I'm Attilio, and I design, develop, collect and play videogames.

I’m game director at Himeki Games, an independent studio based in the UK.

I've been making games professionally as a designer and developer for 7+ years, creating multiple award-winning titles played by millions of people everyday.

I was born in Italy and now living in the UK. 



Apart from Himeki Games, I worked with these companies either as a full-time employee or collaborator:

I worked on games published on a variety of platforms, from web to mobile, on different roles, ranging from Gameplay Developer to Tools Engineer:

Epic Flail




Featured Articles

Sharing insights about game dev, working in the industry and running an indie company.

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Talks and Panels

Some of the latest talks, panels and events I've contributed to.

Game Industry Conference 2016 - Advices on getting into the gaming industry (22/10/2016 - Speaker)
Intel Buzz Workshop London - Having Fun and Keeping the Lights on: How to Design Great Games, While Keeping Your Business Afloat (4/6/2016 - Panel Speaker)
Intel Buzz Workshop London - The future of indie Games (8/12/2015 - Panel Speaker)
 Staff Immerse with Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College (9/12/2015 - Business Professional volunteer)


Game Dev Tutorials

Tutorials and articles to help people with my same passion, please get in touch if you have a request!

 AI: NavMesh Navigation - Binpress
 Working with touch input - Binpress
 Collisions Basics - Binpress